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She's #SlayingSuccess! Meet Bossy Babe Taylor Bailey of @Shopthe_xileven

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

It has been awhile Bossy Babes! But after this 2-month hiatus (and I promise, promise, promise I won't disappear again) I am coming back with a some HEAT.. I have the pleasure of introducing to you the fearless and phenomenal girl boss, Taylor Bailey, CEO of The Xileven Apparel. Taylor believes in the motto "By any means necessary" and I can assure you she gets the job done and looks amazing doing it!

About Taylor Bailey

Taylor is an unapologetic superwoman. She finds comfort in the little things in life. A woman who loves the fashion world and a supreme shopaholic, she enjoys feeling good and looking even better. Taylor is a huge advocate for self-care and encourages others to take care of themselves properly.

As a non-stop workaholic there isn't a day that goes by where she is not thinking of ways to improve her business, her life, and others around her. She always gets the job done and those little things are what keep her going strong.

About The Xileven Apparel

"When I created Xileven, I envisioned a timeless and classic brand. Fashion that will never go out of style. A unique brand for the woman and man, " said The CEO. Xileven isn’t just a “boutique” or today’s “fast fashion”, this is a brand I want to expand into its own private label, it’s own look. Little by Little I find ways of standing my brand out from the normal. I personally love her "Style Me" Box. It will contain 3 to 4 complete picked outfits for only $60. Where do you think you can get personally styled for only $60?? I am here to tell you no where! If you are someone who is always in a rush for events and would love to remove the stress of shopping last minute out of your life, I highly encourage you to shop now!

Instagram: @shopthe_xileven

To Shop now, visit:

3 Tip Taylor Bailey wants every girl boss to take with them on their journey

My best advice that I can give to any Boss Babe, or aspiring entrepreneur is to STAY.THE.COURSE. Don’t look at the next person or the person in front of behind you, tunnel vision your mindset. Focus on you and your goal and that’s IT. If your goal is to turn your passion into a business, Stay consistent with your dream. Slow progress is in fact STILL progress.

In the words of this girl boss "You can pause, but baby don’t you QUIT"- T.B.

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