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Don't be just another website or store. Strive to build meaningful relationships with anyone who interacts with your brand. Your best customers don't just buy one product or service once. They come back again and again for more. This is called customer retention. The key to customer retention is relationship building. Your customers should trust you with your money because they know that you are going to give them value in exchange.

Why is this important?

Your probability of selling to an existing customer is at least 40 % more likely than converting someone who has never bought from you before. If you satisfied your current customers you will spend less time and money trying to convince them to shop again. Not only will you save money on marketing, repeat customers also means free word-of-mouth advertising. customers are more likely to tell their friends and family about your business and its products, and customers respect the opinion of those close to them. It is very obvious that you will benefit from repeat sales but also think about this. Repeat customers are more likely to pay premium prices for your new products and services you release because they are less price-conscious.

Customer retention is very important for your business. The best way to keep your customers happy is to give them an awesome customer experience. Here are 5 ways you can use branding to keep your customers coming back from more..

1. Unforgettable Statements

Customers remember phrases, mottos, and statements that are catchy. Use words that uplift and compliment the customer or grab their attention. Think of your Chick-Fil-A experience. When you say "Thank You" they say "My Pleasure". At Zunzi's when customers order a specific dish you can here the employees say "Shit Yeah!" Research ways of how you can change traditional phrases into something memorable. This simple action can change someone' s day and help you gain a customer for life.

2. Packaging

You may think packaging is not very important because the product is the golden prize, but you're wrong! People remember eye catching details. Think of Tiffany & Co, every girl wants the little blue box just as much as the diamond inside. Be sure your packaging matches your brand and that your packages are packed with care. If you sell high-end luxury products you need high-end luxury packaging. If you have green or eco-friendly products your packaging needs to may


Handwritten thank you cards, birthday cards, or just because cards can really make an impact on your customer. Emails promotional discounts are also a great way to create exceptional customer experiences. Stay relational with your customers and let them know you care.

4. Process Refunds Quickly

We know you don't like refunds, no business does. Process your refunds accurately and immediately. Refunding for defects, damaged goods, etc. is important in order to resolve a customer's unsatisfactory experience. Allow your upset customer to vent. Don't mad too, express understanding to let them know that they are heard. Let them know that you are listening by repeating their problem back to them as well as giving them a guaranteed resolution.

5. Website Functionality

Your website is cute honey, but does it work?! When a customer visits your website, they expect to learn more about your business and what you have to offer, Each page, button, and link should take them to the correct destination. Fonts should be legible and links should never be broken. Websites that are easily accessible and functional welcome sales. Customers who find your page easy to shop will shop again and again. Send yourself test emails, make test purchases and give test refunds. Also make sure your website is has mobile optimization for tablets and phones.

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