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From Lemons to Lemonade- How to turn your sour lemons into valuable life lessons

Whew, this year has definitely been one the books so far. All of my close friends always tell me "there is never a dull moment in your life"- which is true. There is always something going on. Good crazy and bad crazy but still crazy nonetheless.

If you didn't know My Bossy Life is almost 1 year old. Last year I believed in myself and took a chance to develop a brand that now has hundreds of people have engaged with and supported. I am so excited about what is soon to come.

Speaking of Birthdays, I was talking to my best friend and we were planning my birthday photoshoot. I didn't know what direction I wanted to go in and I always theme my years.

23 was Twenty Free. I just ended a bad break up and started to live a life of freedom. Life was wiiiiiled. I had a YOLO mentality I did whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted and answered to NO ONE. The carefree lifestyle felt so good but I still was so all over the place.

24 was literally Twenty Poor.. pun intended. A few months after I graduated I went into complete grind-mode. I moved to a new state for an internship. I busted my ass and survived off only $700 A MONTH, slept on couches, got into an accident and totaled my car, lost friends, lost significant others, my family was impacted by a natural disaster, and so much more. I literally hustled to make ends meet and I still didn't skip a beat.

After my internship was complete, I didn't know where I was going to go or what I was going to do. I had a little part-time gig at the airport but that wasn't enough for me. I was tired of that. I Knew I wanted more for myself, I applied for job after job either they weren't good enough for me or I wasn't "good enough" for them. I couldn't even get a job a TARGET. Can you believe that!? I took a leap of faith and quit my part-time job. One month later I was blessed with the opportunity to have my dream corporate career..

Now 25.. I Know that is going to be something special. You'll just have to stay tuned to see for yourself.

For awhile my life was Sour AF, but I didn't ever let it get me too down. I always kept pushing. I kept praying and I never gave up. When people doubted me and outed me I always turned the other cheek. I tried to always take the high road. When I take a deeper look at the negative things that happened in my life, I realize that they weren't so negative after all. Everyone who is successful or who achieved something great in life had some type of past. My life wasn't going to be any different and neither will yours. My mom would always tell me "Everything you are going through in life is just going to give you a greater story to tell".

So I started to look at other stories,,,

1. Taraji P. Henson turned $700 into Stardom. After a life full of trauma, Taraji moved to California at age 26 with nothing but $700, her car, and her son. Now she is a household name.

2., Kylie Jenner- bullied all her life about her thin lips developed a Billion dollar business model designed around lip enhancements,

3. Serena Williams straight out of Compton, grew up in a economically depressed and violence filled town. She did not let those odds define her. Not only has she become the highest paid female athlete, she has also challenged "normal" beauty standards by just simply being beautiful Serena.

And the list goes on..

You see it's not about where you come from or what you've been through. It's all about how you push through. "Your lemons should only be your lessons not your limits.."- Chea Andrea. My lemons from 2019 taught me a lot of lessons I want to share that can help you in your personal life, professional life, and business.

How to turn your sour lemons into valuable life lessons.


Okay, you've been through some ish. I get it, we all have and some more than others. That does not mean it is the end. It's not over until God says it is over and that is when you are no longer on this Earth. You can't let the sourness stick to you for too long. Don't let anything taint your beautiful spirit. You have to get over your past in order to live your future. No matter what it is. You can't stay stuck. That starts with acknowledging reality, forgiveness to yourself and others, and allowing yourself to move ahead to something new.


Get to know yourself and set your non- negotiables. Your non- negotiables are your standard for how you should be treated at all times. Once you set this standard EVERYONE in your life needs to abide by it. Now I’m not saying go willy nilly with cutting everyone who you have a disagreement with but you should not allow others in your life who continue to disrespect you and that first starts with respecting yourself.


Use everything that you have been through as a steppingstone to something greater. Remember, your lemons are your lessons, not your limits. Every experience that you have went through, whether negative or positive will help you accomplish something greater. I always tell people, “your best is yet to come.” Whatever life threw at you, use it as a counterattack. Experienced a bad break up? Start a blog and give relationship advice to young women and men. Health problems for poor eating habits? Open a restaurant that serves healthy but delicious cuisine. Bullied about your weight? Start a clothing line for people who represent you. Experienced a traumatic event or difficult childhood? Write a book and share your story to those who have been through the same. No matter what it is don’t let that be the end of your story. Your breakthrough could be right around the corner.

I experienced some business downfalls as well. I won't go into to too many details but I want to share with you 3 valuable things you should consider. Number 1, your business friends/clients are not your real friends. Very harsh to say but it is 100% true. This does not mean to be stiff with everyone or to not build meaningful relationships. Just remember business is business and never personal. Always keep YOUR best interest in mind. Number 2, Perfect your policies!!! If you do not have a very strict policy you are already open to problems occurring. Take a look at your favorite corporation's policy and model yours after that. Always use it no matter what! When something doesn't go right and you need to update your policy make sure to notify all your current customers/clients. Your policy is what protects you the most. Lastly, DOCUMENT EVERYTHING. When I had an issue with a client I literally had to type a 17-page document to have everything resolved. The only way that was possible is because I documented everything. This means phone calls, emails, text messages, contracts, and all other paperwork. I organize all information in client folders so believe me when I say, when something goes wrong, I am always ready for whatever. Make sure you are too,


What does it mean to be the sugar? You are the missing component needed to make everything right. You are the S**** and there is power in everything you do and every word you speak. Remember that you have everything you need to turn your life around. You don't have to wait until you get that or until this specific thing happens. You don’t have to wait on anything or anyone but yourself. Everything is inside of you. You are enough. You are what’s needed to make it happen. Keep your sweetness no matter what. It is what the world needs.

An uplifting poem by the beautiful Alyssia McCloud

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