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She's #SlayingSuccess! Meet Bossy Babe @OFFICIALNENALOVE, DC's #1 Bestselling Author

Nena Love, DC's #1 Best Selling Author
Nena Love, DC's #1 Best Selling Author

Love, Adversity, Perseverance, Power, and Strength. Five words that have built Tenena (also known as Nena Love) into the women she is today. Now D.C.'s #1 Best Selling Author and Motivational Speaker, this D.C. native prides herself on being a positive role model for all women struggling with living in their truth. From her pain and life’s obstacles, her brand Uniquely Beautifull was born.

You can follow Nena Love on instagram @officilanenalove. Tell her My Bossy Life sent you!

The beauty in Nena Love's Success

On April 8th, 2019, Tenena released her debut book entitled; Pretty Hurts: All Things Beauty, Love, and Pain. Filled with short stories and poems, Tenena’s book shares her scares to show the world that you too can heal. Through her spoken word, she strives to push the notion of self-awareness and perseverance.  She is a goal digging, mission accomplishing, obstacle breaking women and has been running her life’s L.A.P.P.S!

Success is all about perception and you define it when you began creating your mission for life. Success doesn’t end unless you stop working at it! So for me, Success is traveling on a never ending road where small victories all intertwine creating your overall triumph.

You can purchase her bestselling book Here!

Staying Strong through it all

I asked Nena love how was the road to her success, this is what she had to share.

"I had to lose people, suffer the death of my mom, lose myself, doubt myself, spend recklessly, and so much more to even start the road to success. There were so many times I wanted to give up, heck I still have those moments, but giving up is NOT an option. Yes, I’ve struggled. Yes, there will be many more road blocks, but they all have and will serve a purpose. " Nena Love believes challenges are inevitable and the only way to overcome them is to know they serve a greater purpose. As we can see, her greater purpose has arrived.

Nena Love, DC's #1 Best Selling Author
Nena Love, DC's #1 Best Selling Author

Sharing her story

Nena Love has 3 tips for success that she wants every bossy babe to take with them on their journey.

  1. It is important to remember that no matter what stage of life you are currently experiencing, you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

  2. Life is what YOU make it!

  3. In order to manifest your dream, you have to be willing to sacrifice and WORK!

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