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She's #SlayingSuccess! Meet Bossy Babe Jahylin Mckee.

Girl Boss Jahylin Mckee is Slaying Success!

REAL. BOSSY. BABE. are three words that come to mind when I think of diva Jahylin Mckee, Publicist and CEO of J. Mckee & co. A woman who embodies everything "Beauty, Business, and BossStyle" it was only right to feature her on She's #SlayingSuccess. This highlight is very near and dear to my heart because Jahylin is both my line sister and good friend. It is always great to see you shine girl! Whether she's dropping gems on instagram live or attending the hottest media event, If you are looking for any inspiration on your journey, Jahylin is your girl. Grinding her way to the top of the entertainment industry, Jahylin did not take "no" for an answer or let anything else get in her way.

About Jahylin Mckee Jahylin turns water into wine, and proclaimed herself as the closest thing to Olivia Pope. After graduating from Savannah State University, the Atlanta Northside native moved to New York in 2017 with nothing but a dollar and a dream! Quickly landing a job as an intern at Hot 97’s Summer Jam, she was first recruited by artist Remy Ma to oversee her social media presence and later worked on projects for some of the biggest names in the Entertainment industry.

Follow Jahylin on instagram: @lifeasjahylin

How did Jahylin get started

Upon graduating, she decided to decline a great job offer working in IT in California (a 9-5), and moved to NY with a dollar and a dream to pursue my goal of becoming a celebrity publicist. Jahylin faced a lot of challenges when she made that move. She had to figure out life in the big city and really, took a leap of faith. Getting adjusted and beginning at the bottom of the totem pole (literally, She was working on the street team for a radio station – a very entry-level position) was a lot after coming from a prestigious position (Miss Savannah State University). Jahylin had to learn that the north was different than the south. Breaking into her field was just challenging overall. Now, she has her very own public relations (PR) company, but it wasn’t easy getting the experience she needed to begin her own business.

Girl Boss Jahylin Mckee is Slaying Success!

The Road to Success

Jahylin described her journey as everything but a smooth ride. She encourages all girl bosses to define their own definition of success. "Reaching and defining what success looks like for me was putting my pride to the side. I slept on couches, went completely broke, lost sleep and made huge sacrifices. Nothing about this road is smooth but it’s definitely a road less traveled." - Jahylin Mckee.

About J. Mckee & Co

The expertise and international connections Jahylin developed in her early career inspired her to strike out on her own and create her own public relations business, J.McKee & Co.

J.McKee & Co. became the firm of choice for a variety of A-list celebrities and brands, from , Cardi B, Black Girl Podcast, Migos, BET, Essence, Calvin Klein, VH1 and more. Jahylin understands the needs of high-profile individuals, and the “no-excuse” work ethic they expect.

To learn more about Jahylin or book a consultation visit her website:

3 Tips Jahylin wants every girl boss to take with them on their journey

1. Fail forward.

2. Stay consistent.

3. Relationships=revenue

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