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She's #SlayingSuccess! Meet Bossy Babe Asia Michelle.

Hi Boss Babes! Long time no see! My Bossy Life is back and better than ever with amazing new things in store.

I am happy to introduce to you My Bossy Life's new feature, "She's #SlayingSuccess" She's #SlayingSuccess was created to showcase and spotlight Girl Bosses from around the globe who are "Slaying Success" . Slaying Success means to conquer your fears, and take a leap of faith while achieving your dreams-in style of course!.

By highlighting girl bosses She's #SlayingSuccess provides a platform to motivate and inspire other women on their journey. Don't forget to support these girl bosses, as well!

Who know's next week could be you! Are you slaying Success? Share your story Here.

About Asia Michelle

I had the pleasure of interviewing Asia Michelle, lifestyle blogger, natural hair influencer and creator of The Mane Style. Asia is known for rocking her big beautiful tresses but I can assure you that she has an even bigger heart to match. I met Asia in college at Savannah State University. We instantly clicked! I can honestly say she is one of the sweetest, intelligent, and hard working young ladies I have ever met- And I've meet a lot of Bossy Babes lol! When she's not blogging or at her 9-5, she enjoys hanging with twin sister, filling her Shein cart, and binge watching the Office. Did I mention that Asia is also a foodie! She loves searching the city for new places to dine and check out the ambiance.

Follow my girl @_asiamichelle on instagram and show her some love. Don't forget to tell her that #MYBOSSYLIFE sent you!

What is The Mane Style?

Mane Style is your go-to guide for all things natural hair and lifestyle. There you will find everything from regimens, interviews with your favorite gurus, product reviews and more. However, the Mane Style is about more than just hair. The Mane Style is a space of inspiration. As Asia continues to grow and glow, she wants to encourage and inspire you to do the same! So, no matter if you are a full blown sassy naturalista, a sweet transitioning sistah, or someone who is who's rocking a "pretty and processed" , The Mane Style is perfect for you!

Check out the blog using this link:

Asia's Journey. How did she even begin?

Shoutout to Asia's natural hair journey because that influenced her big time to even want to create a blog. She learned a lot throughout her journey and she figured the Mane Style was a perfect place to share her story. Another reason she stepped into blogging was because she needed something with her name on it. Asia thought it would sound a bit selfish at first. But, now she realizes that it was a good selfish.

There were times that Asia found herself pouring all of her energy into other things and people and neglecting her own passions and dreams. So in 2015, she took a chance and Mane Style was launched. She's experienced several ups and downs since launching, but it was all a part of the journey. She is so glad that she took a chance on herself and thanks God for pushing her along the way.

"Remember to take a chance on yourself and always believe in you! It’s amazing what we can do once we believe in ourselves!"- Asia Michelle

We all need motivation sometimes. Here are 3 tips Asia would like to share with the My Bossy Life Community on their journey to success.

1. Fill your cup! The biggest lesson I’ve learned so far in life is that you can’t pour from an empty cup. You can’t show to others what you don’t show to yourself. Show yourself love, forgiveness, kindness, etc.

2. Be Fabulous! For me that means putting effort in whatever it is that I do. When I think of someone being fabulous it means that person took time and effort to put themselves together. So do everything fabulous and always put your best foot forward.

3. Remember that what’s for you is for YOU! And if something is not for you...there is always something better waiting. Or it could even be the thing that you were hoping for or even loss will come in the right timing. So don’t stress, worry, or force anything. If its for you it’ll come. It always does.

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