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Getting to the Next Level In Life- Becoming a "Comfort Zone Buster"

We all have a list of our favorite things. A favorite, color, favorite outfit, favorite restaurant. We even practice our daily schedule: breakfast, work or school, lunch, a pastime we enjoy, dinner, sleep, and then we're back at it again. Our schedule maybe even include some variation on the weekends. Living in our comfort zone feels good. The repetition creates a safe haven for us. We always know what to expect and that feeling is comforting. However, it becomes very dangerous to our personal growth when we get stuck in our comfort zones.

I want you to take a moment to reflect. How close is your dream life from your current life. When you look in the mirror is the person you dream of looking back at you? I took a moment to think for myself and I realized that there was a moment where my life was scheduled, but It wasn't on my schedule. I had all these dreams and goals that didn't have a date or plan of action. They seemed so far in the distance. Months began to pass me by and I still was not where I wanted to be. I thought the system was to get a job, make some money, and then all my dreams would come true. I soon realized that all I was doing was SURVIVING AND NOT LIVING. If I wanted to begin living I was going to have to do something different and out of my comfort zone. What I was doing daily was not enough to get me to the next level. If you too are stuck and want to start living your true passion, whatever it is, It is time to become a Comfort Zone Buster.

How to become a "Comfort Zone Buster"

1. Face whatever is blocking you from getting to the next level

Comfort zones are mental. You need to be honest with yourself and decide what is stopping you from achieving your goals. Are you insecure? Are you focused? Are you fully prepared? Do you have adequate resources? Are you too tied up with other responsibilities? Are you holding on to someone or something that is holding you back? Are you pursuing your true passion? Or are you just plain lazy? Personally, I have an issue with perfectionism. Before I put my name or brand on it, I want it to be perfect! This is a toxic trait because in reality, nothing in life is perfect and it can always be improved. I've realized that my desire to be perfect was just a covered up insecurity of feeling inadequate. Now I practice to put forth my very best effort and learn from my trails and errors. Whatever your problem is, there is no time to be complacent. Meaning, if you are going to rise you have to solve this problem first. By identifying your blockage and finding a way to solve it, you are one step closer to living out your dreams.

2. Getting out of your "village"

There is nothing more comforting than staying in the city you were raised or where you have spent a lot of time. Sometimes the thought of leaving your friends and family can be frightening. You're going to have to be honest and assess can you get to the next level by staying where you are now. Are you living in a city that has an abundance of opportunity for your industry? Does your city foster creativity? Are you being handicapped by staying there and depending on close friends and family? Do you have the resources? Is this the best place to start or grow? If your dreams are too large for your village you may have to pack up your stuff and move on to something bigger, literally.

3. Start Small, Finish Big!

How many of you have started a " New Years Resolution" but stopped before you reached the goal? Don't feel guilty. I am sure most of us fall into that same boat. The truth about change is that you have to start small but remain consistent. Remember you are what you daily do! Creating smaller goals that will help you reach your large end goal is a good way to stay focused and on track. Once you are able to conquer the small change you will be able to take on a bigger challenge.

4. Push yourself to do MORE!

The only way you are going to get to the next level is by doing MORE THAN WHAT YOU'VE DONE BEFORE. Most likely your current daily routine is not going to cut it. People rarely achieve something new by doing the same exact thing EVERY SINGLE DAY. Challenge yourself! Read some literature about your desired venture. Attend networking events, seminars, and conferences. Travel, especially abroad. Try something new that you normally wouldn't do, over and over again! Have a conversation with a stranger. Go somewhere new in town to spark some creativity. Increase your productivity by limiting distractions. Take a risk! When you are tired, do more! When you are worried of the outcome, do more! When you are almost to your goal, do more! The key to the push is living in that very moment. When you live in that very moment when you push yourself just a little bit further, you will truly find a little extra joy in your life. This comfort zone buster may even filter into things unrelated to exercise and work. The truth is no one became successful by walking a straight line. You are going to need to step out of your comfort zone to get to the next level. Mediocrity is not going to cut it. The person who you want to be is deep inside you waiting to come out. It is up to you to step out of the box and allow her to shine!

*BTW this photoshoot was soooo out of my comfort zone. Ya'll don't know how hard it was to get a decent picture of me smelling the flowers. Can you believe at first I wasn't even breathing?? How can you smell anything without breathing?! 😂

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