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Hey Bossy Babes! This Blog is short and sweet.

Savannah, GA is known for it's beautiful scenery, history, and great places to wine and dine. For the past few years, I roamed all of the nook and crannies of this place and have found the most unique places. Over at My Bossy Life, Brunch is our favorite meal of the day. The cat is out of the bag, Chea Andrea has all of the bomb food spots. Everyone always ask me the best places to brunch in the city! Well here you go! I've dropped my lucky 13 list below. If you are visiting the beautiful city of Savannah, GA make sure you stop by any of these great eats and tell them My Bossy Life sent you!

My very first brunch love. Ordinary Pub is in the heart of downtown on busy Broughton, Street. Home of the bottomless mimosas and Togosas... Yes that means you can take your mimosa to go and roam the downtown streets. Order the french toast, it is literally to die for!

Cute little dinner near City Market Square, Very "Ducked" -off, pun intended. This retro eatery has all of the vibes and their watermelon belini's are addicting!

The Best Biscuits in the city, HANDS DOWN! I love this cute little place. The entire restaurant is two stories. Instead of asking your name for your order they will ask you a question such as "what is your favorite cartoon character" So your order would be "Cinderella' Isn't that cute right?!

520 Tavern has brunch with a soul food twist. If you're a heavy R & B fan, you will love the vibes. Home of the best oxtails & grits you will ever have in your life!

This is a new place that I discovered a few weeks ago, Perfect for my bossy babes who love tech. The restaurant has a Star Wars theme which is super cute and fun. If you want to have a quick business breakfast or a place to catch up on some work

this is the perfect place.

Funky Brunch is a cute cafe that is known for their create your own pancake griddle station at every table. The only place in Savannah where you can dine on the colorful patio and play hopscotch while you wait for your order.

I've never actually eaten brunch here but this is my favorite rooftop bar in Savannah. Make sure you trip the champagne Popsicle cocktail!

Soho of the South is on my list of to-go's From what I know, it is full of southern elegance, just like me. The scenery is definitely instagram worth with their famous tiffany blue high chair bar stools. If you make it before me, let me know how it goes!

I9. Rise Biscuits and Donuts.

These are not your Krispy Kreme donuts, okay honey!!! With so many unique flavors you will keep coming back for more. This place is go good, I always forget to take a picture of my food lol.

Another broken egg is an honorable mention because the restaurant is technically located in Pooler,GA., but it is definitely worth the drive! I recommend the entire menu lol.

Foxy Loxy is a cute coffee shop where you can find most SCAD students hiding out and mingling. If you visit this place in the fall and winter make sure you also participate in the campfire.

Collins Quarter is an Australian inspired cafe and bar located in the heart of Downtown, Savannah. If you need a cute little brunch date spot that's low key.. definitely go here and not Ordinary Pub. At Ordinary Pub you will run into everybody you know lol

Loc's Chicken & Waffles has a great family fun atmosphere. There are no spirits involved so if you are looking for a great brunch on a budget, you will love this place.

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Sheryl SC
Sheryl SC
10 mei 2021

Thanks for the recommendations! Haven't been to most of the spots you mentioned but really enjoyed brunching at the Collins Quarter (love the eggs benny!!) For the places to eat in savannah ga check out


Keira Salter
Keira Salter
14 jan. 2021

All these restaurants sound amazing. Savannah has some great southern food and is a wonderful town for foodies, its just great to see some of my favorite spots here! I haven’t tried some of the others mentioned in your article, so I can’t wait to go back to Savannah to check them out. I came across this updated guide for finding the best restaurants in savannah ga Love the food scene in Savannah, can’t wait to go back already!

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