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Easy & Comfy V-Day Look- How to Dress Cute and Comfy This Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is literally right around the corner and this year I am taking a totally different approach! Normally I would be dressed to the Tee- hair, nails, A bomb sexy outfit, ALL THAT, I NEED EVERYTHING!- but this year I'd rather be in a T-shirt and jeans. It's time to switch it up! Cute and Comfy is just enough for me!

All I wanted for love day was for my valentine to take me to "Better Than Sex", Savannah and tell me I could order EVERYTHING off the menu. Seeing as my over the top wish will most likely not come true, I didn't see the point in dressing over the top either lol. (But a girl can dream right!) If you want to be extravagant, there is nothing wrong with that but if you are like me and want to dress down this year, here is the perfect outfit idea!

Photography: Dendrick Tanner

To keep in the Valentine’s Day spirit I decided to pair a red teddy cropped sweater with my favorite statement high-waist jeans from target($28). The distressed hem and zipper trim adds the perfect amount of spice and flair. flair. On Saturday I spent the entire day looking for something cute and red. To my surprise I found this sweater at target for only $5.00 at TJ Maxx while going through the clearance rack! I don’t know if you would have the same luck but you could definitely recreate this look without splurging. Mix and match things you already have in your closet. For shoes I chose to wear my single-sole heels from charlotte russe that I’ve had for about 3 years. You can even try this look with a cute sneaker or over-the-knee boots to add some street vibes. If it’s a little chilly outside add a cute jacket. I chose to wear a black leather bomber from charlotte russe ($25).

If bae isn’t bae anymore or if you never had a bae to begin with, and you’re not feeling valentine’s day, there are still other things to celebrate!

Here are a list of other holidays that don’t get enough shine!

February 14th Galentine’s Day National Women’s Heart Day National Ferris Wheel Day Single Awareness Day League of Women Voters Day Happy Friday Eve!

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