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Nena Love, DC's #1 Best Selling Author
Danielle Jones, CEO of DeNee' Consulting & Shop DeNee'

Meet Danielle Jones, 24 year old entrepreneur based in Atlanta, Ga.

Danielle 'DeNee' Jones Is the CEO of DeNee' Consulting. “DeNee’ Consulting” is a agency that helps business owners with their business formations and branding strategies. Dedicated to bringing peace to one of the most trying stages in business, this agency offers different branding services that will help you expand, maintain, or even create your brand from the ground up. Her goal is to create a clear vision and strategic approach for her clients to use during their early stages of business.

You can follow Danielle on instagram @danielledenee and @deneeconsulting l Tell her My Bossy Life sent you!

Her Journey

Danielle started her journey as an entrepreneur in 2016 when she launched her first business,Shop DeNee’. It was a bit of a struggle being a first generation entrepreneur, but with the support of family and friends, she successfully managed and made it through.

After graduating college she realized this was a time where everyone wanted to start a business, but very few had the knowledge and motivation on how to turn their ideas into a measurable action plan. She made it her mission to fill that void and launch her second business DeNee Consulting in April 2019. Since launching her business, she has had the pleasure of being featured in one of the top local online magazines, being a keynote speaker at several women empowerment events, and becoming a mentor within her Atlanta community.

Working Through Work-Life Balance

I asked Danielle how was the road to her success, this is what she had to share.

"Let’s just say owning and operating a business is not for the weak. One of the main struggles I have endured along the way is “work-life” balance and self motivation. Staying self motivated is a challenge. As an entrepreneur you will always be your biggest cheerleader. You will have your ups and downs and sometimes it will seem better to just give it all up. As the boss and the person everyone is looking to you can’t let those small moments rob you of your life of success. Address the issues, make a plan and execute it." Danielle believes We are defined more by how we get up after issues rather than how we cruise through the good times.

Nena Love, DC's #1 Best Selling Author
Danielle Jones, CEO of DeNee' Consulting & Shop DeNee'

Sharing her story

Danielle Denee' has 3 tips for success that she wants every bossy babe to take with them on their journey.

  1. Don't wait until it's perfect, just go for it!

  2. Ignore the haters.


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